Being comfortable with yourself.

We are busy, operate much more like machines, days go by quickly, and we rarely have enough time to be alone and think because we’re often looking at our small, medium, big — you name it — screen. When was the last time you were alone, sat down and thought about what’s really happening in your life? You aren’t … Continue reading Being comfortable with yourself.

Life is like a book.

I believe life is a book with hundreds, if not thousands, of very different chapters that don’t fully make sense while reading it forward, but in retrospect everything makes perfect sense and readers comprehend every decision the main character of the story made, why it was made, and the challenges around it. It’s like that … Continue reading Life is like a book.

Project Week 2 — CREAA Website Redesign

I’ve been designing and creating Mobile-First responsive websites using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript and jQuery for a while now and have recently started a 16-week front-end development program. Here I’ll be posting my progress towards the following 16 weeks. You can check out my work on my personal website. Hit me up for full-time or … Continue reading Project Week 2 — CREAA Website Redesign

Control your mind.

Epitectus.Friends, partners, and family members will eventually leave you. Material objects come and go. Emotions are momentarily. But what’s forever with you are your thoughts — the way you think. When you can control what and how you think not letting external factors affect or control you, then you’ve won over your mind. Stoics emphasize the importance … Continue reading Control your mind.