Have you ever realized the amount of influence we have over people? It’s impressive the amount of this we have over friends and family. When we use a product or service and introduce it to them, we have immediate partial influence over their thoughts and perspective — making them have an impression on it. It could be … Continue reading Influence


Sometimes you have to face it. And by sometimes I mean everyday, so you better be fresh to make the right decision. Maybe not the best, but the one you think outweighs the alternatives. You know what helps? Getting enough sleep, going for a walk or run, and knowing the outcome you want from this … Continue reading Decision-making


These are the things you often don’t take into account. When you purchase travel tickets you spend in hotel, transportation, food and fun experiences. When you buy a car you have to add gas, insurance, repairs and maintenance, emergency cases, tolls, cleaning. When you buy a new camera you need to spend on lenses, straps, … Continue reading Add-ons