On trust

Relationships are based on trust, primarily. I can't have a relationship with you if I can't blindly trust you. Most relationships start with a mid-to-high trust percentage, then it increases over time, hopefully, as we perform actions for and with each other, and stay consistent with who we are, what we say, and what we … Continue reading On trust

They don’t come back

You’ve got to be careful with what you say because every word and sentence that comes out of your mouth will never come back. Don’t over promise when you’re under pressure, you will regret it later when you can’t deliver. And people will not take you seriously or trust you anymore. It takes years of actions to gain trust, … Continue reading They don’t come back

Trust ‘em

Spending time in Europe has wildly opened my mind to new cultures, mindsets, life concepts and behaviors. One of them being trust — how governments (refer to Germany and Denmark) trust that people will behave accordingly when in the streets, shopping around, having drinks, and most importantly, when using public services such as transportation (buses, trains, metros). … Continue reading Trust ‘em