Hong Kong #6: Guangzhou-Panyu Trip. Chimelong Water Park. Beijing Road. Birthday.

It’s all about the water and the good time you spend here with friends

As I write Hong Kong #6, I’m still inside the bus on my way back to Hong Kong from mainland China.

Guangzhou-Panyu Trip.

This weekend we’ve decided to take a trip to Panyu, Guangzhou, where one of the biggest water parks in Asia is located. Everything started during Friday evening when our group got together and went to the bus station that is behind one of the malls in the Kwai Fong MTR station. Buses from here normally depart every 10-15 minutes after 6:00 p.m and you need to make sure to buy tickets beforehand inside one of the malls’ travel agencies. For us, we decided to buy tickets some days before Friday and as we were buying them, we got a group discount ( tickets are HKD 110 each one ).


  • Get bus tickets beforehand.
  • Get group tickets as you will more likely have some discounts.

Kwai Fong Station – MTR Hong Kong

Mall where we got the bus tickets

Travel Agency – Get Bus Tickets Here

    While the ride from Kwai Fong to Shenzhen’s border was quick ( ~45mins ), the China Immigration Inspection wasn’t. At this point, in the border, if you aren’t a Hong Kong resident, you will be stuck in the long lines for over 30mins. In other words, either you have a Hong Kong ID or you will queue up for a long time, but don’t worry because the bus that you will transfer to will be waiting for every passenger before it takes off to the final destination.


    • Get your Hong Kong ID if you’re staying for more than 180 days in Hong Kong.
    • Queue up in the Hong Kong residents line if you have a HK ID card.
    • Fill out the departure-arrival form while queuing up at the second check up.

    Immigration Check pt.1

    China Immigration Inspection pt.2

    Need to declare something? China Customs

    Arrival Hall – Post China Immigration Inspection

    Bus Terminal


    Bus to Panyu

    Bus’ Sticker

    The next bus ride, from the border to Panyu takes over two hours and drops passengers off at several locations, The Clifford Hotel being its last destination. In fact, we were some of the last passengers to get off, and as soon as we did it, we stopped several taxis and asked whether they would go to The Guangzhou Royal Garden Hotel, where we would be staying over the weekend.

    The Royal Garden

    The Royal Garden Hotel – Double Room
    Hotel’s Toy


    Breakfast Coupon

    Do Not Disturb

    Canton Tower

    While taking a taxi in a random place and during night time in China is an adventure, getting to the destination point is a mysterious journey because you get into the cab hoping that the driver isn’t giving you a city tour, and therefore charging you more and also hoping you will get to your final destination safely.


    • Always go with friends that you can trust and will not leave you behind in any situation.
    • Don’t get into taxis that approach you.
    • Tell drivers to use the meter.
    • Get the taxi’s receipt.
    • Take photos of the car and its plate if your friends get into a different cab.
    • Bargain if possible.

    Guangzhou Taxi
    Make sure the plate has complete letters and numbers and the grey bar
    Fake Cab – Check the plate 😉

    Check the driver info, take photos, ask for receipt!
    Street lights

    City Garbage and Lights

    Chimelong Water Park.

    The Chimelong amusement park has one of the biggest water parks in the Asian continent. The morning we decided to go, we took a cab and it was a ~10 kilometers ( ~6.20 miles ) ride and costed about RMB 40. Once we got to the park, it was difficult to find other members of the group because as it was not only a big place, but also because we didn’t have Chinese phone services; however, we finally found each other at the ticket booth. At this point it’s meaningless to say anything other than get your tickets and enjoy the rides :).


    • Make the ticket booth your meeting point.
    • Tickets are normally RMB 200 ( RMB 165 showing student ID ).
    • There are rental lockers inside the water park.
    • Get a e-wallet ( wristband that has money added on it ).
    • Pay food and most things inside the park with the e-wallet.
    • No need to rent tubes ( most rides provide tubes ).
    • Prepare yourself for queuing up time.
    • Patience.
    • Don’t separate from your group.

    The Team!

    Chimelong Paradise

    Chinese Selfie

    Instructions… Keep straight

    Special Tickets for RMB 150

    Water Park Guide Map


    Opening Hours


    Get your e-wallet here

    Get wet 🙂

    Tubes rental

    Local taking a photo with Richard and Miranda

    Artificial Beach

    Leave flip-flops here




    Artificial Beach

    Tornado pt.1

    Tornado pt.2

    Crazy fun!


    Beijing Road.

    After hitting the water park the group decided to explore Guangzhou and went to Beijing Road during night time. Again, we took a taxis and got there in less than 20 minutes as it was 10km away from our hotel. Beijing Road is quite interesting because it has many attractions including shopping, tourism, street food and restaurants during the evening until 10 p.m. After this time, it transforms itself into a sorta black or street market.


    • Bring your cameras and be ready to take quick shots.
    • Try some street food.
    • Bargain if you’re going to buy stuff.
    • Don’t separate from your group.

    Street Market pt.1

    Street Market pt.2

    Beijing Road pt.1

    Beijing Road pt.2

    Like Father Like Son


    Beijing Road pt.3

    Fur selling… 

    Historial Pieces

    The Fam

    Beijing Road pt.4


    Street Food pt.1

    Drinks – Oatmeal + Cocoa milk tea

    Street Food pt.2 – Eggetes

    Street Food pt.3

    Street Food pt.4

    Street Market post 10 p.m

    Buy – Bargain


    Street Food pt.5 – Sausages

    Street Food pt.6 – Durian

    Beijing Lu

    Street Market pt.3

    Guangzhou photos.

    Richard and Mikko

    General Tips:

    • Bring your passport.
    • Have your Chinese visa ready [ check tips here ].
    • Print out trip itinerary and to do list.
    • Create a page of addresses, directions, and places’ names in Chinese.
    • Write down phone numbers of the places and confirm numbers beforehand.
    • Bargain if possible – always.
    • Bring one friend that speaks the language.
    • Carry-on and luggages are not necessary for this kinda trips ( weekend ).
    • Exchange money before you travel to a different country.
    • Don’t be surprise by the amount of racism in China ( still a world problem sadly ).

    The Team

    This was my first birthday in Asia – China / Hong Kong and it was awesome. I had a great time with everyone. One awesome year has gone by and another exciting year is waiting ahead. Thanks all of you who have been involved in one or another way in my life. Thanks to you who have helped me grow up. Thanks to you for being part of my life. Love you all!

    Until next time!

    Adeu 🙂


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