Seoul, South Korea. Day VI*

Last day here in Seoul.

Everything has been awesome and cool, especially traveling with Nelson because he’s been here before and that helped not getting lost while visiting places. Since today is his flight day and my last day, we decided to chill a little and just walk around places near the hotel in Hyehwa. It’s indeed a nice place to stay because the location offers almost all you need, from clothing and cosmetics to restaurants and coffee shops.

Taking it easy during the last day meant checking out Naksang Park post eating 8 different marinated pork belly, which all of them tasted good. The park is uphill from exit station 2 in Hyehwa and it offers several hiking trails; other than that, it’s nothing out of a common park.

Well, after sending Nelson to the airport on the 6011 bus, I met up and hung out with my San Francisco / Hong Kong friend Yao over coffee, then ate Korean BBQ (as in the past 5 days in Seoul), went for dessert and some coffee again before each of us took off for a good sleeping night since we are both departing Seoul tomorrow.
This is the last Seoul, South Korea blog post I’ll be writing. The experience of traveling post semester will always be greater and more positive than during semester. I hope you’ve enjoyed the 6 posts and photos as much as I’ve enjoyed traveling, trying new food, taking photos, and writing these entries.
I really appreciate all your feedback and welcome them. Thanks for reading!
Until next time!
Adeu 🙂

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