Life in San Francisco


Coming back to San Francisco has been awesome.

This city has something special that makes me feel good in every sense; although life here feels slower than in Hong Kong, it’s still exciting. My dreams’ list is quite full and I’ll work on them during my stay in San Francisco, and I’m willing to work hard for them.

It’s been a month full of activities ever since I got back to the city. I’ve been working lots and running more often; I looked and moved to a new place, got back my car and have been traveling around most of Northern California. Some of the places traveled during this month have been Davis for Mona’s graduation ceremony; San Jose for chilling at Santana Row and yummy food; Napa for wine tasting; Millbrae for some more chilling time and great food with friends; and San Francisco itself – Lombard Street, Downtown and Union Square, Castro, and crossing the Golden Gate bridge, which always feels amazing.

I really hope a road trip can be done during this summer in which will get busier later during July and August.

P.S. Congrats to Mona for graduation! I love and enjoy having you back in San Francisco πŸ˜€

Until next time!

Adeu πŸ™‚


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