New York City – 2 Years Reunion

Two years have gone by and… Yes. Time flies!

It’s been two years since one of the best decisions I’ve taken so far in my life.
It’s for sure the best decision I took in college – to study abroad in Hong Kong for a year. I’d recommend it to everyone.

Two years have gone by and the first reunion in New York City has been fully completed. Although we couldn’t get to hang with all of the Hong Kong family members this time, the experience was incredible, simply wonderful.

It was great seeing familiar faces and doing some of the things we used to do while studying abroad – meet up in the CityU residence (without “in front of hall 4” this time) and hang out, chat long and stay up till late, visit new places, try new food, take photos, travel and party together, and most importantly, enjoy time with each other.

As I mentioned, the experience of meeting up again with you all was incredible – NYC was a great place for our first reunion. I definitely enjoyed spending time walking and talking, eating and drinking, partying and rocking with you all. You guys are all rockstars!

I hope to see you guys for more days next time we have our reunion. It’ll definitely be worth it.

P.S.1 > Happy Birthday, Alan!

P.S.2 > Thanks Elaine for the VIP visit to the LinkedIn office and Empire State Building!

P.S.3 > Thanks Borja for the VIP tour to the United Nations HQ!

( For vlogs and more photos of this NYC reunion, go to my YouTube and Instagram )

Until next time!

Adeu 🙂









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