Conversations on the Road

Processed with VSCO

Some of the best, most sincere and honest conversations happen during road trips in that space where every passenger is violating each other not-so-private-space, per se. Road trips are not so much about the destination, but rather the journey – the time and miles spent with friends during what feels like an infinite road to never ending land. Perhaps this is the best part because casual conversations happen, small stories, as my friends and business partners K and A would call them, are told, and feelings and laughs are shared.

Having experienced a solo-travel to Asia during December, I can for sure say that it was quite an unique moment in life, and I think it is something you should consider experiencing at least once during your lifetime – solo traveling. Now, traveling with friends is a completely different thing. You can create a better experience and story with them, not only because it’s more fun when things like experiences, feelings, and laughs are shared, but also because the journey can be recreated in future conversations – you know, when you guys are all older, married and with kids :).

Never let these road trips and experiences go by without enjoying them fully by being present in the moment. Make sure to choose good company!


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