The complexity of things

It never gets easier. If people knew how complex things would get once they’re deeper into something, they’d probably not start. Things like relationships, families, careers, and businesses just get more difficult the further we are into the process, never easier. When you own a business, you have to deal with complex taxing systems, sometimes … Continue reading The complexity of things

My life marathon.

No successful individual ever got to where he or she is today by not working hard, leaving pleasure aside, and sacrificing weekends. Unless you’re a trusted baby. That’s what I remind myself everyday when I wake up and after dinner hours. I’m constantly trying to hack my brain, body and life at the same time, … Continue reading My life marathon.

We Are Officially Open for Business — Lily’s Creperie!

We Are Officially Open for Business — Lily’s Creperie! It’s been a long time since I last updated you guys. In between this time and even before, my business partners and I have been working really hard and pushing each other to do our best in securing a location, getting all the business licenses and permits, and … Continue reading We Are Officially Open for Business — Lily’s Creperie!