The complexity of things

It never gets easier. If people knew how complex things would get once they’re deeper into something, they’d probably not start. Things like relationships, families, careers, and businesses just get more difficult the further we are into the process, never easier.

When you own a business, you have to deal with complex taxing systems, sometimes you will have to let people go, and you’ll always have to figure out how to stay in business – profitable.

In your career, you will need to make trade-offs every day, keep learning and improving to stay relevant and get promoted at some point, and worst of all, you’ll have to keep doing something you don’t enjoy or see a future in.

Your family and relationships will eventually grow bigger and deeper, and they’ll demand more time and attention from you. There will be drama at some point. You will have to prioritize between you and everyone else, sometimes leaving you too exhausted to even being with yourself – spending time doing what you love.

If we knew all this from the get-go, we’d probably be overwhelmed and never get started, but the beautiful thing about not knowing is that we get to get started. Most of us have dreams and goals we want to achieve in life and that’s enough to get us started and keep us going.

Having a beginner’s mindset and taking things step-by-step is what makes most dreams and paths fun, so always stay curious and approach things from first principles and a beginner’s mindset.

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