An opportunity, just an opportunity

Most people are unquestionably working hard to achieve their goals – whatever they are. They put in the extra time and go the extra mile. Some give up during the process, while others give up when they are close to the finish line – right when an opportunity was about to show up. But how could they have known it was coming?

Most people are looking for an opportunity to demonstrate what they’re capable of. But, sadly, most people rarely get this opportunity.

Luck, timing, and faith have much to do with success. Being at the right place, at the right time, meeting the right people, and having the right mindset to push forward even when the future isn’t certain. But when has it ever been certain?

We walk faithfully hoping things would work out, just like how we sleep faithfully and blindly – yes, blindly – believing we’ll wake up the next morning.

All some people need is an opportunity to show what they can do. So next time, if you are in a position to provide an opportunity to someone, please do so. Bet on someone’s potential, hard work, and continuous willingness to learn and improve. You won’t regret it and even if you do, you tried, which is the most difficult part already.

I say all this because I went through the process of changing a career path and had to work extra hard to get to where I am now. I was also fortunate that somebody saw something in me and gave me an opportunity to prove what I can do.

I guess luck, timing, and faith played an essential role here, but also I wouldn’t have got the chance if I had given up when things were tough or if I hadn’t put in the extra hours. I had faith in myself and in the process, and have always been willing to keep improving even in the smallest details.

I was given an opportunity and hadn’t stopped learning and working hard to keep paving my path, and I hope I can also help others with providing them with an opportunity to do something they like and enjoy.

Just an opportunity.

That’s all that it takes.

Pay it forward.

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