Relationships change, you adjust

There is always an easy way out of relationships. No doubt divorce rates are at around fifty percent in the United States. It’s too easy to leave when you or your spouse is not the same person compared to when you both first started dating. You will change. Your spouse will also change at some … Continue reading Relationships change, you adjust

Say what you’ve gotta say

You’ve got to say what, why, how you feel and think. That should be one of the unspoken rules between two people in any type of relationship. Unfortunately, it’s not always the case. That’s why we need to make the effort to open up, communicate clearly, and set boundaries. What you don’t share in a … Continue reading Say what you’ve gotta say

Dating one, not many – modern relationships

Feelings are rose petals – so sensitive that they could be damaged, yet so beautiful when given the right amount of love. Rejecting and being rejected; loving and being loved; wanting and being wanted. These are natural stages in one's life. We can't have one without the other one. It's heart-breaking to want without being … Continue reading Dating one, not many – modern relationships