Interpersonal problems

It’s been indeed a long weekend. My mind is full and my body wants to take a break despite it being the third week of 2021.

I have been dealing with many personal things at the same time that it’s eventually tired me out.

Chaos here, chaos there. Most problems are interpersonal. And most of these end up being personality and/or communication issues. Why is it so difficult to convey a message to you and for you to get it and take proper actions to think about it, do something, and improve.

One improvement leads to the next improvement, and so on. If you do improve, we will all be happier and more relaxed. But you decide not to. It’s like things go in and out through your brain in fraction of seconds, then you forget everything right after it’s been told and lean back on your old behavior.

Why are you being so difficult?

Why is it so difficult?

I’m tired, plain tired.

What should I do with you?

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