I became you

Somewhere, some time, and at some point, our paths crossed, and some part of me became part of who you were.

This didn’t happen by accident. We spent a considerate amount of time together, talking and laughing, sharing stories and jokes, and thinking and planning our futures. Clearly, it was difficult not to absorb some of your traits – good or bad.

It made part of me better in some sense, but worse on others, I was content with. I always liked my before-meeting-you self a lot because things were simple and straightforward, but I’ve grown to accept and like who I have become and who I am today. Not better, not worse – just an incremental growth that would have happened regardless.

We were part of our paths.

If I had something to say to you, it would be thank you.

Thank you for all the time we spent together and for helping me open up mentally, emotionally, and spiritually through our conversations. Thank you for helping me see a different point of view, think differently, and develop into the human being I am today, for better or worse.

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