Choose wisely

There are some things you don't get to choose in life: Parents Siblings Relatives Place you're born But there are other things we do get to choose: How to live life What we put in our body What we watch and read The type of career or job we pursue Our emotions and/or reactions toward something … Continue reading Choose wisely

Be your friend

We are often generous, kind, and caring with other people by spending time, empathizing, and even helping them find solutions to their problems, comforting them when things aren't working out as expected, or during harsh times such as breakups, getting laid-off from work, or simply failing at some basic life event. That's called being a … Continue reading Be your friend

Things That Matter: Friends

When we think about life, enjoyable and positive moments, we are most likely to think about friends and family. However, when we think about tough moments, most of us might think about (guess who...) us and only us. Most people keep the difficult moments to themselves, but I think that it should be the opposite.