Be your friend

We are often generous, kind, and caring with other people by spending time, empathizing, and even helping them find solutions to their problems, comforting them when things aren’t working out as expected, or during harsh times such as breakups, getting laid-off from work, or simply failing at some basic life event.

That’s called being a good friend.

We are so good at this. Or at least, some of us are.

But have you asked yourself how often you are that kind of person for yourself?

The type of friend that will talk kindly, think positively and act with care to your internal self to find solutions to your problems. The kind of friend that will help lift you up when things aren’t going in the right direction or when you are simply having a bad day or week. The type of friend we wished we had when things aren’t all roses and champagne.

How many times are you the kind of person you show to your friends – perhaps happy, content, positive, kind, caring, generous, motivational, a good friend to your friends, and so many other good attributes you might have and demonstrate when out there?

The thing is that we all know how to be a great friend to other people, but very often fail to be a good friend to ourselves. We rarely speak as a friend to ourselves. Some probably spend little to no time alone thinking about how to become a better person, not for others, but for ourselves.

We are often cruel to ourselves, but so kind when other people call.

Try being a good friend to yourself every time you can.

Be kinder to yourself.

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