Relationships change, you adjust

There is always an easy way out of relationships. No doubt divorce rates are at around fifty percent in the United States. It’s too easy to leave when you or your spouse is not the same person compared to when you both first started dating. You will change. Your spouse will also change at some … Continue reading Relationships change, you adjust

Improved version

I am constantly searching to improve myself mentally, physically, and psychologically, changing for the better, learning from the past, fixing for the future while living in the present. So, if somebody tells you who and how I was when they met or last interacted with me – perhaps that was a week, a month, or … Continue reading Improved version


"Instead of trying to make radical changes in a short amount of time, just make small improvements every day that will gradually lead to the change you want. Each day, just focus on getting 1% better in whatever it is you’re trying to improve. That’s it. Just 1%."

Riding solo

Being solo.Traveling by myself.Doing things on my own.Running fast and far alone.Being independent from most things. I guess this is the middle child mentality and personality I’ve developed over the years and have strengthen after moving out for college and starting my professional career. I enjoy doing things by myself, but also sharing experiences with … Continue reading Riding solo