It’s ok not to be ok

Having personal or career issues? You’re far from being the first, last, or only one. We have all needed some form of help at some point, and most of us have also not looked for this help because we thought it was too small to ask for help and that we could either fix it on our own or that it would go away with time.

That’s the problem there. Problems don’t usually just go away unless you’re some sort of magician. We need to solve the problem that comes to us in life. Some of them are out of our reach to solve and that’s when we need to look for a helping hand.

It’s ok to say you’re not doing ok. It’s ok to look for help. Try leaving your pride and ego aside and go search for professional help, go talk to a friend or family member about what’s happening. Two heads think better than one. Plus, most people want you to do well, so next time you’re not doing well, say it out loud and reach out for help.

Anything you decide to do, don’t just let it sit hoping the problem would go away.

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