How much is enough?

Money can surely buy most, if not all, the nice things we’ve ever dreamed of: the latest gadgets, the shiniest watches, the nicest pieces of clothes, the most luxurious cars, the biggest houses, you name them. Money is nice and solves many fundamental life problems, but it can’t buy contentment and all the intangible things in our life.

As human beings, it’s often difficult not to feel greedy, ambitious, or be driven by having more. That’s our fault. We should reconsider our priorities and shift our focus not on wanting more of what we already have or don’t have, but on wanting the things we already have.

No matter how much money you make or have in your bank account, you’ll never be happy if you don’t appreciate having good health, a caring family, genuine and supportive friends, a variety of hobbies, freedom, privacy, and getting paid to do something you get joy out of it…

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