Why is refinancing a home complicated, time consuming, and costly? Its closing costs are similar to those of buying a new home. Same with the process - it’s very similar. It’s painful and time consuming. Especially if it’s your first time refinancing your home and are looking for all the alternatives, pros and cons. Add … Continue reading Refinance

On paying for software by Seth Godin

On paying for software is one of my favorite blog posts from Seth Godin's blog. It reminds people to not only pay for software tools that they find useful and helpful, but also the complexity and time-consuming process of developing software. Paying for software tools and products is also a way to support companies, products, … Continue reading On paying for software by Seth Godin


These are the things you often don’t take into account. When you purchase travel tickets you spend in hotel, transportation, food and fun experiences. When you buy a car you have to add gas, insurance, repairs and maintenance, emergency cases, tolls, cleaning. When you buy a new camera you need to spend on lenses, straps, … Continue reading Add-ons