On dating and relationships…

Breaking up is never easy. Neither is trying to get over a relationship that was fun, full of good and fulfilling experiences – one that seemed the ideal for the type of people we once were. Our personalities and love style were so similar, and our ideals and vision for the future were also once on the same page. It was the closest things to perfection… so fond to the heart. However, moving on is necessary for the mind, heart, and life in general.

The more dates I’ve gone on and the more people I’ve met, the more I’ve realized how most of us looked more meticulously for what was missing rather than cherish what we had in common in our previous relationship.

Things like great connection overall; intellectual, challenging, and engaging conversations; physical attraction; similar values and beliefs systems are difficult to find and seem to matter less once we’re obsessed with what’s lacking… It all falls apart quickly because there’s one thing missing that seems to be the most relevant at that time, so we call it off. Then, we go out and find what was missing only to realize we can’t find everything else we once had.

This all just becomes a catch-22

In hindsight, it’s easier to stick in a relationship and work these small details out than to break up and move on. If you’re experiencing the above, you should definitely try to work things out because although you can’t see it now, you have a great relationship that needs some polishing, just like anybody else’s. Stay and work it out together.

PS. This is not about you; this is not about me. Just a simple reminder.

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