Like it or hate it

Running isn’t for everyone. You will either like it or hate it, or both. I hate the beginning of it, the fact of knowing I’ll be running an inhuman amount of miles in a single run. But I like every moment of it during the run as running has become my passive meditation during the weekends, especially during the long distance runs.

Running is the quietest yet most intense activity during my week. It’s quiet because there’s no contact like in team sports (soccer, basketball), which means I can relax and think deep and long about many topics during a 3-hour run. However, it’s intense because it’s hard on the body – joints – and the mind – the stress leading up to the run.

The more I run, the more I like it; but there are times I need a break from running – just like the change of seasons, and that’s the reason I only do long runs for about six months out of the year. First, so it keeps being a meaningful, thoughtful, and enjoyable activity. Second, so I can give my body an opportunity to rest and recover. And last, so my mind can take a break from stressing over the constant training leading up to the long run and the full marathon.

As much as I like and enjoy running, I know it’ll be not last forever, so I try to enjoy every run I do and prepare my mind when the time to stop comes due.

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