The night before

The night before long runs – be their training or actual marathons, feels similar to those days back in my hometown in Venezuela when I was twelve and used to get nervous and excited at the same time before my Saturday soccer matches. I wouldn’t be able to sleep until too late in the morning. … Continue reading The night before

Like it or hate it

Running isn’t for everyone. You will either like it or hate it, or both. I hate the beginning of it, the fact of knowing I’ll be running an inhuman amount of miles in a single run. But I like every moment of it during the run as running has become my passive meditation during the … Continue reading Like it or hate it

30 Days of Running + Trail Running

  As some of you guys might know, I've set up a running challenge to myself of running 30 consecutive days for at least 3 miles every time. It's mainly to keep myself active and create a habit. I've run 13 days out of 30 as of today and it's been difficult during somedays; however, … Continue reading 30 Days of Running + Trail Running

Timeline: Running Adventures

Some of my friends have asked me, "How can you run a marathon – 26.2 miles – without stopping? I cannot even run two miles. You are so crazy!" And my most frequent answer is, "You should start taking more walks instead of buses and driving, running one mile, then three, then go back to … Continue reading Timeline: Running Adventures

Final Days in San Francisco before Departure #2: Running, Rock Climbing, and Surprises!

It's been a long time since I have woken up so early in the morning to go for a run; however, running with my running group – Run 365 – and seeing so many familiar faces and meeting new friends make everything relatively easier. Running and hitting a mile after another mile is much more … Continue reading Final Days in San Francisco before Departure #2: Running, Rock Climbing, and Surprises!