Paris marathon 2022 – race time! // part two

The course was mostly flat, with some downhills, some uphills, and some cobblestone streets. The most memorable uphill didn’t come until mile 20.5. What a killer. It was a long uphill, not very steep, but long enough to make you suffer and wonder if it would ever end. Luckily, it did after about two minutes. I enjoy hills but not at mile 22 of a marathon 🤣.

Up until this point, I didn’t look at my watch for all the relevant data (total running time, rolling average mile per minute, total average mile per minute, and total distance) I’d otherwise be checking it constantly to make sure to run at an ideal pace.

When I saw the total time and distance I’d run, I started to dream and got a little bit emotional because I knew that unless some major incident happened, I would be setting a new personal best. It was the best feeling!

I had decided to focus on enjoying the run and not pay more attention to my watch.

I knew I was going faster than I should be, but I was just feeling really well. I was running with what my heart and gut feeling told me. I was just trying to have some fun and I think I did until mile 21 came – the uphill after that one corner surprised me. I will never forget this piece of the route. It was when the first signs of cramps started – mainly in my left hamstring. I had to stop for about fifteen seconds to stretch.

This is the fourth part of a mini-series narrating my experience running the Paris marathon 2022.

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