Paris marathon 2022 – the day before

It was Saturday and my body and mind were both excited and nervous. It’s a rare feeling. You’d think that I’m used to running marathons and would not be nervous at all, but it’s the complete opposite. I didn’t know how it would go. It’s been over two years since I both traveled internationally or ran a marathon. I went for both this time.

As usual, I couldn’t sleep much the night before the marathon. I kept waking up every few minutes to half an hour checking my watch and making sure I didn’t oversleep. There was too much adrenaline and excitement running through my mind.

I’ve learned that the key to having a marathon is having a full week of good rest, hydration and good fulfilling meals prior to race day, so I made sure to rest enough, drink plenty of water and eat well throughout the week prior.

This is the first part of a mini series narrating my experience running the Paris marathon 2022.


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