The night before

The same thing happens nowadays.

I get nervous. I get excited. I think it’s because I just want to go out there and get it done. But I have to remind myself that I should live in the moment and enjoy every step, every block, and mile I run on the day of – ichigo ichie, which is a Japanese idiom for “once in a lifetime” or “for this time only.”

I tend to overcompensate by eating well, hydrating correctly, stretching enough, and visualizing myself running the route the day before. This helps me calm down from being overly excited.

I can’t wait for tomorrow, though – it will be the first longest run this season. Somewhere between 18-20 miles.

I’ll see how I feel during the run and go from there.

This is something essential I’ve learned from experience. Listen to your body. There is no better judge than this.

Until next time!

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