Approach Challenges as Opportunities


Life is about taking challenges and approaching them as you would with opportunities. Not everything will make sense at first, but I believe that with time things do connect and will make perfect sense when looking backwards. It’s like connecting the dots.

The challenge of being challenged makes it more interesting when we have friends who are on the same page as we are. Friends who are as ambitious as we are. Friends who are as passionate and determined as we are. These are some of the reasons we stick together.

Running started to be a passion only after I came to San Francisco. I had [and still have] too much energy and time on hands, maybe not as much time, but [still] a lot of energy to utilize. And running helps me by not only burning this energy, but most of times I get even more energized after a run. Weird, yes. But some of you will understand.

In recent years, I’ve run 5k, 10k, half marathons, and full marathons. I haven’t [yet] gotten into ultra marathons like some of my runner friends (these guys are awesome!), but the idea of getting into ultras make me think everything is possible in life as long as we are passionate, determined, and committed to something bigger than ourselves.

Anyways, bringing back the challenge part of the story, I have a new one coming up. Unbelievable. Three weeks before the US Half Marathon takes place, November 8, I’ve got a race bib to run it. This is unbelievable, at least for me, because I haven’t been running long distances consistently this year – I just got back to running a few weeks ago after dealing with an injury.

I’ll take this challenge as an opportunity to grow, to be stronger, and to be better. We will see how running the US Half this year goes since I’ve run it 3 times in the past, 1h:39m being my best finishing time.

I’m excited for the journey!


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