[Race Timeline] Give Your Best – No Regrets

Life is definitely better when we give our best because we will feel a greater satisfaction no matter what the results are in the end. At least that’s what I tell myself every day. Give your best and don’t look back at what could’ve happened if…

I understand it’s difficult to give your best all the time or everyday, but when you do life could be so much better, your mindset changes and your positivism is greater.

“Give your best” is what I kept thinking this morning during my half marathon run. Having run this race several times in the past, I knew where the tough miles would be, so I created a new strategy for this time. Then I ran as minimalistic as possible, meaning no running watch, no smartphone, no hydration pack or bottle (sorry RUN365 coaches, I will carry my hydration pack/bottle for my next races).

During the half marathon my legs felt heavy, like rocks, heavy rocks; and several runners passed me from mile 0 to Personal Bestmile 3, which never feels good. However, it didn’t matter because I stuck with my strategy -which strategy? Set my own pace, run my own race, beat my personal best, and enjoy every step and mile.

I’m very glad to have followed this strategy from beginning to end because there were moments when I thought about slowing down or pushing to go faster. It didn’t really happen. It was a mind war – if you will.

It was the perfect race for the following four reasons:

  1. When my body and legs wanted to give up, my mind kept pushing until the end.
  2. I kept my race pace very constant (7:30-7:45/mile) and was super disciplined about not slowing down or burning myself too fast.
  3. I trained and ran the race with friends, which made it more fun.

This half marathon is dedicated to Ray and Grace. This one goes for you guys!

Timeline from waking up to finishing the Golden Gate Half Marathon:

4:30am: I’m waking up for my 5th half marathon thinking life is good and today will be a great run.

4:45 – 5:00am: I’ve taken a cold shower to let my blood circulate before my power breakfast is ready – oatmeal and a banana.

5:15:am: I’ve double-checked that my running gear and change of clothes packed last night are ready.

5:45am: I’m picking up my friends and heading to Fort Mason / Marina Blvd to find parking.

6:00am: After thinking about parking in the yacht area at Marina Blvd, we’ve decided to look for residential parking and make sure we don’t get a surprise (ticket or tow away) after finishing the race.

6:20am: Headed to the starting line… then getting stuck in the porta potties line for 20mins.

7:00am: Starting off the race.

Here are some of my thoughts during the race:

Mile 0-3

  • Why did I decide to start in the first pack?
  • Everyone is passing me, but I need to be disciplined and run at my own pace
  • Where are the mile 1 and 2 markers?

Mile 3-6

  • These hills are tooooough! (Arrrgghhhh!)
  • Why are my legs so heavy today? :/
  • Where are the mile 4 and 5 markers?

Mile 6-9

  • Running across the Golden Gate bridge will never get old
  • Oh! I can see the fastest guy! (I was crossing mile 6 and he was around mile 8)
  • This hill is tougher than what I thought. It’s fun tho! Leeeet’s go!!!

Mile 9-11

  • 4 more miles to go…
  • Downhills are fun!
  • I need some water! I need some water! Oh, I can see the next water station!

Mile 11-13

  • 2 more miles to go… Let’s push – don’t give up, don’t give up! Vamos, vamos, vamos! Joder!
  • Where are the mile 12 and 13 marker?
  • OMG. It’s taking forever!

Mile 13.1

  • Race clock: 1:3…
  • Looking at race clock… 1:38!?!?!?
  • WHAT!?!?!?!? YAAAY!!!

Thanks for reading and for supporting!


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