Our Tribe is Becoming Real

“Our tribe is finally forming and expanding” he said as I started nodding and thinking how fortunate we’ve been to find some great people whose mentality and personality are similar to ours.

It’s been an amazing weekend because I’ve spent over twelve hours driving down to LA and back to San Francisco with some of the most awesome people in my life. There was nothing more than us four in the car driving at 75mph while talking about life, love, and goals. There was nothing better than listening to their voices, stories and laughs. There was nothing more I could’ve asked for at that instant. It was the perfect moment with the perfect friends.

Every minute with them was phenomenal. We were free, the road and night were ours, and the best plan was having no plans as every piece came together naturally. We looked at each other eyes and the connection was there. We didn’t have to force anything.

“I wish this night wouldn’t have an end…” he said out loud as I couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately, time often goes by too fast when we’re having fun. However, we’re fortunate that we’ve known each other, shared great conversations and times, and that our tribe is finally forming and expanding with the right people.


One thought on “Our Tribe is Becoming Real

  1. Hello, I do not know how familiar you are with Los Angeles. But I want to ask this anyway. I will be traveling to Los Angeles over the next few week. I just wanted to know if you knew of any great places (i.e. shops, cafes, and so on) that are only found in Los Angeles. Do you have any suggestions?


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