A good friend

Sometimes that’s all we need: one or two good friends in life. Somebody we can share stories, thoughts, and feelings with no fear of being judged. A person we can be light-hearted, silly, and goofy with; tell serious-non-serious jokes; and at the same time, someone we can bounce ideas and perspective with.

A good friend listens when it’s needed, talks when it’s necessary, and stops us from the irrational when the irrational seem rational to us.

A good friend does not sync up, catch up, or follow up with you because you guys are normally chatting regardless of day and time, even if it’s simply through emojis, memes, gifs, social media sharings (posts, videos, music…), or a video/call.

A good friend is there in the good and tough times.

Good friends are rare breeds nowadays.

Make sure to keep them around when you find them.

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