Moving on…

I can hear the echo around the house while the music is playing.

It’s quiet. It’s peaceful. It’s spacious.

I am in the living room typing what’s coming out of my heart. I am here living on my own – no housemates, no roommates – after sharing a home with you during most of our adulthood years. It feels weird, it is strange not having you around anymore.

But I know it was time for you to move on to bigger things – a bigger house, a growing family, and a greater dream. It leaves me with nostalgia remembering all the things we went through together ever since we came here for college: the struggles, the hardships, the learnings, and all the conversations and laughs we shared while we lived under the same roof.

The most special things about you and living together were seeing you grow up and become an independent, resourceful, loving and caring human being. Just the fact of having your presence around the house and knowing that you were there everyday was a sign of relief, safety, and love for me.

I know we all move on at some point of our life and ours is no different. I truly wish you the best because you deserve that and more. I just want you to know that I will always be one text, one call, and one drive away for you.

I will miss you.


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