Best friends

The term best friends or anything similar is too fragile. People come and go. Some stay longer, some are there when you’re doing well and leave when you’re struggling. Of course these aren’t real best friends or friends at all. Some friends hang with you because they feel good around you, while others need something from … Continue reading Best friends

Who cares anyway

What do you care what people think? That’s a Richard Feynman’s book. But also today’s reality. You focus way too often and too much on what others think about you, what you’re doing, whether you and your friends are following each other on social media, and what not. The truth is that none of these … Continue reading Who cares anyway

Things That Matter: Friends

When we think about life, enjoyable and positive moments, we are most likely to think about friends and family. However, when we think about tough moments, most of us might think about (guess who...) us and only us. Most people keep the difficult moments to themselves, but I think that it should be the opposite.