Things That Matter: Friends


When we think about life, enjoyable and positive moments, we are most likely to think about friends and family experiences. However, when we think about tough moments, most of us might think about (guess who…) us and only us. Most people keep the difficult moments to themselves, but I think that it should be the opposite. We should try opening up to our close friends, those who are always there although we don’t see them.

Friends are more than simply friends. True and honest friends are people who want and wish the best for us; they are there during the happiest moments but also during the toughest. Real friends don’t let us down because they know we count on them. Strong friendships are formed from difficult circumstances. Our true friends should be part of our support system; they are like the family member we never had but always wanted to have. They motivate us to be better, stronger, and push harder to pursue and achieve higher and greater goals in life.

If you ever find these kind of friends, don’t let them go. Keep in touch. Make time to meet up, talk and keep the  conversation going. It’s so much easier nowadays with social media and smartphones than ever before. Good friends are difficult to find and easy to lose. Don’t take them for granted.


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