Things That Matter: Traveling‎

I love traveling. It’s become an essential part of my life and has taught me more than I could’ve ever imagined; from cultures, languages, currencies and negotiation to living as simple as possible, doing more with less, valuing every meal, conversation and person I meet, being a more well-rounded and open-minded person, and understanding people better. Traveling has given me great friends around the world, amazing experiences in every city and country I’ve visited, and has shaped part of who I am today.

I think everyone should travel as often as time and money allows because it’s one of the few things that you pay for and end up making you richer in experiences and knowledge. Traveling could be expensive, yes; but it can also be affordable. You don’t necessarily need to travel to another country or state, stay in high-end and luxurious hotels and places, or eat expensive meals, although that would be ideal. You can travel around towns where you live, stay in hostels or couchsurf, and eat what local people eat – trying to understand the location history and economy, people and neighborhoods, behaviors and mind-sets.

Most traveling start with the mere fact of wanting to go somewhere and having the will to realize it in any possible way. Simply search for an airplane ticket, buy it and go – you will figure out a plan to get around later. Travel with friends or simply go by yourself; every experience will make you stronger and better prepared physically, mentally, and psychologically. It will connect you with places, people, and food that you will never forget for the rest of your life. Most importantly, traveling will connect you with yourself  – your soul, make you a better citizen through understanding culture, languages and diversity, and make you be more conscious about world affairs.

It’s now or later (never). If you don’t have the time, try making the time. It will be worth it – cop it!


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