A new year – time, self-awareness, and wisdom

It has been a long time since I wrote here. It has been over a week since my birthday, but it feels like the past year flew by. Doesn't it feel like this for you guys too? Every day is shorter, and every year goes by faster. I learned to know myself better. I learned … Continue reading A new year – time, self-awareness, and wisdom


Our perception and notion of time has become this limited thing hanging around our mind most, if not all day. We think and act like the Apocalypse is coming soon. I understand time is scarce and it’s our most personal asset, the one we can’t produce more of. We have this notion that everything is … Continue reading Time


Learning to be punctual is a skill that you’ll learn along your journey. The sooner you learn this, the better you’ll become using your time. You will eventually learn that being late to appointments, gatherings, and other important events not only makes you look bad, but you’re also losing important time with whoever you’re meeting … Continue reading Lateness