Relationships are full-time jobs.

It’s just the way it is. Difficult. Dating is this and all that wraps what a relationship to-be entails. For some it’s fun to meet new people every week and filter and keep filtering until you finally find the right candidate — let’s say “the perfect one”. But this rarely happens and if it does, you’re a lucky guy.

Needless to say, dating apps have tried to make the whole process more fun and enjoyable. But truth be told, it’s not as fun when time holds a strong value for you. If you’re still thinking about this point then take a moment and consider the Olympian who placed silver medal for that millisecond lost — time is gold. In fact, time is not only gold, it’s life. And you don’t recover a wasted life. Time is like that; it’ll never come back to you.

Dating as a process, relationships as its first goal, and marriage + family as the finish line are, believe it or not, more than a full-time job. They’re tough things to deal with because they’re life and time commitments. And just like with the stock market, past relationship successes and happiness don’t necessarily mean tomorrow’s successes and happiness. You need to keep working on your relationship for as long as you live. Therefore, time is life and if someone give you his or her time, then feel fortunate to have that relationship.

Good luck.

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