Self-discipline is a mental battle.

Picking and starting a project is simple: you decide what matters to you then you begin working on it until you complete it and ship it. But there are things missing here and there like when will you work on this project — before work in the morning or after work during night? How often and for how long will you work on this each time — an hour, two hours, or three hours? What is the purpose of this project — to impress people, to solve a problem, or to demonstrate to yourself that you can do it? What will you be giving up if you do this — precious time with your loved ones, your sleep time, or meaningless time watching another episode of House of Cards? Because regardless you will be giving up on something, that’s how opportunity cost works in life.

All of these are physical and psychological constraints we rarely think when we decide to pick on and start a project. But wait. That isn’t it. When you’ve already chosen to do this, next thing you will have to do is to do it until completion. Sounds fairly simple, however, it’s not as much because you have to sit down, put in the time, care about the process and deliver it. That takes a great amount of self-discipline.

Self-discipline is a mental battle we all deal with everyday. Do I want to do this or do I want to do that? Should I do this or should I do that? Perhaps we are asking ourselves the wrong questions. We often choose our wants versus our needs, and that’s simply because we are human beings. We are emotional animals, not rational or logical. If we want to make a dent in the universe, we need to be asking ourselves more on what matters to us and start doing that until completion. Only this way we can win the mental battle on self-discipline.

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