The last time.

the last time…

Who hasn’t gone through that moment when you know it won’t last forever and might be the last time you see that person? Over a meal, walk or phone conversation. You start checking the time on your watch and your phone several times wanting to stop it completely to live in that moment forever.

Let’s say you are at a restaurant, then you wish the sitting takes hours so you can spend more time chatting and looking at each other. When the table is finally ready, you try delaying ordering as much as you possibly can to engage in a few more laughs. Then 20 minutes go by and you say you haven’t decided what to order yet; then 30 minutes go by and the waitress comes for the eleventh time, and now you finally order so they don’t look bad at you, or event worst, kick you guys out.

Keep talking and looking at that smile and hearing that beautiful laugh. This is the person you were in the happiest relationship you’ve ever had and spent endless amount of time having late night conversations, incredible laughs and traveling around the world.

Sadly, food comes and you eat the slowest you can. Keep delaying, keep delaying; the least you know, food is over. Let’s get dessert to prolong it 30 minutes more because, why not? In the end, this might be the last time you guys see each other.

Boom. Dessert is over and it’s time to get the bill. You don’t like this moment at all because it means time is over and you guys will say good bye. Forever? Maybe, maybe not. But you cherish every second of this meeting. And before you say good bye, you guys hug the strongest you can because love is still there but something else is missing and you both know it. You wish each other good, then you go one way while she goes the other way.

Reality hits and you realize why it’s important to live in the present, love hard, and cherish each other while it lasts.

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