On quality of life

Meditate 5-10 minutes every day. Do yoga 10-15 minutes every day. Exercise 20-30 minutes every day. Walk 20-30 minutes every day. Write 5-10 minutes every day. Read 10-20 minutes every day. Drink 8-10 cups of water every day. Learn something new in 20-30 minutes every day. It takes 1-2 hours per day to have a … Continue reading On quality of life

Routines and side projects

For many years I worked six days a week, so that I can take a day off to go out and enjoy time with friends. There were also weeks and months I worked seven days a week non-stop, but I always made sure to take some time off – an hour or two per day … Continue reading Routines and side projects

Compared to what?

We’re always comparing and judging even when we think we aren’t. There isn’t a moment we aren’t comparing people, experiences or situations. There are no judgment-free zones or thoughts even when we think there are. We’re often seeing the grass greener across the street. We compare people with other people when nobody is or will ever be the same, we compare experiences with other experiences when they’re very different from each … Continue reading Compared to what?