Our perception and notion of time has become this limited thing hanging around our mind most, if not all day. We think and act like the Apocalypse is coming soon. I understand time is scarce and it’s our most personal asset, the one we can’t produce more of.

We have this notion that everything is urgent… but urgent for what and whom? The planet was here before us and will be here thereafter our death — fact.

Yet, we keep running around like headless chickens working 80-hour work weeks, not spending enough time with our friends and family or sleeping enough time because what we’re doing seems to be far more important and relevant.

Time is a profound topic we can talk about all day, questioning and arguing on how can we make more of it, or how can we do more with less time. One day we’ll all realize how time took the best of us, including me, while we thought we had no time, or in fact, when we thought we had all the time in the world.

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