Things That Matter: Passion

Running - Passion

Living a life without passion would be an insignificant life. Really. For some people it takes time to find passion in their life, while for others passion comes in to their life naturally and at an early age. Sometimes passion comes in a form of a hobby, something you do and can spend all of your time doing without realizing the day is almost over.

Finding passion at work is more difficult than in life, and that’s why we should spend time outside of work looking for what really intrigue us and make us feel alive. The reason is simply because we spend 1/3 of our life, if not more, at work. Finding passion might take months or even years, but never stop looking around and trying to find something that makes you feel passionate and happy because when we’re passionate and enjoy what we’re doing, we tend to put more effort, time, and caring doing it.

If you are still looking for your passion, don’t feel discourage because just like you, there are thousands, if not millions of people doing the same – looking for something that makes them feel alive every day. Remember that it will take time finding something you truly love doing, then it will take even more time mastering that passion, so you can hopefully live out that passion.

Start early and stay passionate about it. Study, practice, and keep learning. Never let schooling interfere with your education. It’s a life journey, a marathon, and never a sprint.

If you’re in your 20s or 30s, you aren’t late to the party. In fact, it’s never too late in the adventure of finding passion and love.

Watch one of my favorites TED Talks – it talks about the quarter-life crisis, passion, doing work you love, and taking risks.


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