What do you value?

As we grow older and hopefully wiser, we begin to understand the simple things in life are invaluable. Things we might’ve taken for granted such as health, family, friendships, happiness, hard work, and peace of mind. We realize these become more important than whatever else comes after them. We value things that last longer, make … Continue reading What do you value?

Happiness is undervalued

Excluding honeymoon periods. What’s the longest time you’ve been truly happy and how did it feel? I’d consider true happiness as being comfortable with who you are, being happy waking up on a Monday morning knowing you have to go to work, knowing that not knowing everything in life is actually fine, and having a … Continue reading Happiness is undervalued

Things That Matter: Friends

When we think about life, enjoyable and positive moments, we are most likely to think about friends and family. However, when we think about tough moments, most of us might think about (guess who...) us and only us. Most people keep the difficult moments to themselves, but I think that it should be the opposite.