The Value of Things

Value of Life

This week I’ve run 5+ miles without any pain whatsoever. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a big achievement for me because I’ve been dealing with some bad and painful injuries for the last few years.

It’s true I’ve finished a few half and full marathons within this period [bragging mode], but it’s mainly because I’ve learned to deal with pain. These constant injuries were part of my daily life – sad but true, until a few weeks ago. Now that these injuries are over, I can completely focus on all the activities I can and will do.

It’s difficult to value life and its little but meaningful things when we haven’t gone through tough moments. Not that you should go through these moments, but they really make you understand life, moments, and people in a completely different perspective. For instance, it’s impossible to know how a person who has lost a loved one feels if you haven’t experience it personally. It’s impossible to understand what pain feels like when you’ve always been healthy – great for you! Not being healthy often leads to frustration, anxiety, and tension, similar with not being successful in the things you do and have worked hard on.

Putting yourself in someone’s shoes doesn’t always work, but it’s a good beginning. Empathy is always great. Understanding and cheering people up doesn’t hurt and can prevent further thoughts and actions from those who are going through difficult moments in life – whether it be in the workplace, in a relationship, with family/friends. So every time you have an opportunity don’t doubt about expressing your thoughts, feelings and emotions to people you truly care about. Communication and empathy are beautiful things.

Thank you all who’ve cared during these tough moments.



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