Say what you’ve gotta say

You’ve got to say what, why, how you feel and think. That should be one of the unspoken rules between two people in any type of relationship. Unfortunately, it’s not always the case. That’s why we need to make the effort to open up, communicate clearly, and set boundaries. What you don’t share in a … Continue reading Say what you’ve gotta say

Let’s talk

Some of the things that separate humans from other species are our abilities to reason and communicate effectively. Few people do these right, though. Some only reason while others only communicate. Rarely do we see people doing both effectively. We should take advantage of these superpowers to reason when we can so we can communicate … Continue reading Let’s talk


We’ve got used to writing pieces of thoughts. Here and there. Whatever comes out of our mind first, we type it and hit send. No analyzing, no proofreading, no paraphrasing or summarizing. Just hit send. What a poor habit. We don’t allow our thoughts to be fully formed before sending them away. It’s like the … Continue reading Hey