Let’s talk

Some of the things that separate humans from other species are our abilities to reason and communicate effectively. Few people do these right, though. Some only reason while others only communicate. Rarely do we see people doing both effectively.

We should take advantage of these superpowers to reason when we can so we can communicate more clearly, openly, and efficiently.

Some rules I try to live by:

  • Think before speaking
  • Reason before communicating

It’s easier to take a deep breath before speaking up on something sensitive than shouting whatever comes first to mind when we are upset or angry at the situation or person. Only having to apologize later because we said things we didn’t mean.

Reasoning and communicating openly and well can start anything from friendships, relationships, and business partnerships to keeping them honest, and solving critical problems when these are presented.

If there’s something that bothers you, say something.
If there’s something that doesn’t look right, speak up.
If you messed up and you know it, speak up and own it.
If you want to do something else outside of what’s planned, communicate it.

You get the gist.

Always communicate.

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