Say what you’ve gotta say

You’ve got to say what, why, how you feel and think. That should be one of the unspoken rules between two people in any type of relationship. Unfortunately, it’s not always the case. That’s why we need to make the effort to open up, communicate clearly, and set boundaries.

What you don’t share in a relationship is as important as what you share, with the difference that what you share will hopefully improve your relationship. And by sharing, it might eventually lead to making you feel more comfortable sharing what you haven’t yet shared.

Honesty and open communication usually push a relationship forward to a new level not only in the beginning stages, but it continues carrying your existing relationship forward during difficult times. That’s exactly when communication is more essential than ever.

Don’t be afraid to open up yourself, speak up your mind, and be vulnerable in your relationships. Those who truly mind and matter will try to understand and appreciate the effort you are putting in to bring the relationship to a better and higher place.

Be open, honest, and say what you’ve got to say.

At all times, not but at all cost.

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