My side of the story

So why did that happen? You ask your friend or family about a past event or issue. By which he or she responds, “let me tell you why”… little did you realize that this is only one side of the story and should be, “let me tell you my side of the story” instead.

There are always two sides of a story.

People will always try telling you their side of the story in a sense that will favor them and try making you believe they’re the good, the one who was right, or the victim, while potentially making the other person look bad.
Be skeptic about these stories and situations. Reach out to the other person and ask them for their story to understand it fully before judging.

As friends, we always want to support our friends, but it’s too easy to be blindly one-sided.

I’ve been there and told my side of the story, but corrected because I knew I was wrong and wasn’t making things better for either me or anyone else. In short, I explained the unbiased story.

Nobody deserves to be put in a story where they have no control to argue back. And nobody deserves to be talked or be referenced as the bad guy of the story just because they’re not present at the moment. We are grown-ups and we should be able to deal with telling how things truly are without talking behind someone’s back.

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