Short and sweet life

I’ve always thought of my life as a short one. And I’ve lived it as such — doing all the things I feared, all the things people said it’d be crazy or impossible to do, and in short, doing everything I’ve always wanted.

I think of my life every day as something that could end up at this moment, tomorrow, next week or next month. And you know what’s the best part? That I’d be just as happy if that was the case because I’ve made sure I’d enjoy ed every second, moment, and struggle.

I’ve lived a pretty good life even with all the hardships I’ve overcome; I’ve experienced some of the greatest feelings in life: loving (happiness, joy, and excitement) and being heartbroken (sadness, suffering, and disappointment); and I’ve done lots of crazy happy stuff that I’m proud of.

I’ve always thought of life this way. If I were to disappear today, I’d be content with what I’ve done so far because as long as I’ve had a positive impact on somebody else’s life, I’ve done well.

But you know what’s the most exciting thing about life? That you think you’re prepared for death — you think of it and prepare mentally and psychologically, but when you face it, you wish it didn’t happen just yet. And when you realize that it doesn’t happen at that moment is when you know you still have something to offer to the world — or to somebody…

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