Let’s talk

Some of the things that separate humans from other species are our abilities to reason and communicate effectively. Few people do these right, though. Some only reason while others only communicate. Rarely do we see people doing both effectively. We should take advantage of these superpowers to reason when we can so we can communicate … Continue reading Let’s talk

Dating one, not many – modern relationships

Feelings are rose petals – so sensitive that they could be damaged, yet so beautiful when given the right amount of love. Rejecting and being rejected; loving and being loved; wanting and being wanted. These are natural stages in one's life. We can't have one without the other one. It's heart-breaking to want without being … Continue reading Dating one, not many – modern relationships

Getting to know someone – modern relationships

How many times have we rushed into starting a new relationship only because our initial conversations and interactions were fun and sparked those lost butterfly feelings again? Rushing into a relationship is the simple part of any relationship; getting to fully know a person before committing to getting into one is the more difficult part. … Continue reading Getting to know someone – modern relationships