Dating one, not many – modern relationships

Feelings are rose petals – so sensitive that they could be damaged, yet so beautiful when given the right amount of love.

Rejecting and being rejected; loving and being loved; wanting and being wanted. These are natural stages in one’s life. We can’t have one without the other one. It’s heart-breaking to want without being wanted or to love without being loved. It’s a two-way relationship, not one-way. At some point in life, we understand that rejecting is part of growing and that wanting and loving without being wanted or loved is the same as being rejected.

It’s the toughest part of any relationship. Nobody wants to reject anyone or feel rejected– it hurts. Most people seem to want it all: chat, flirt, and see multiple people at the same time to increase their probabilities of ending up with the best partner they could while being single, even when there isn’t a real or strong connection. It’s understandable; it’s statistics. And that could be the right move for most, but I would rather reject all the shallow and superficial connections in favor of the one I feel the most genuinely attracted to.

It’s a different approach. I don’t want to be playing games. I’m tired of them. I’m a hopeless romantic. I want to give this person my all while we are at it. I want to give my focus and attention, passion and love, and time and energy to one person, not many. I want to leave nothing to regret. I want to get to know her the best I can. I want to build a strong foundation for a successful long-term relationship.

That’s all I want.

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